I’d Be Shark Bait for Me Rib Sandwich!


Ahh, back to Philly now. The Reading Terminal to be exact… This G.D. sandwich. I dream about it. I die by it. I can’t even look at this picture for too long because It’s making my stomach ache with desire. Lemme break down this magical beast for you. You’re looking at a super soft long roll, filled with a layer of American cheese, topped with Notorious R.I.B. meat, slathered in hot sauce that Jesus would cry over. See, the bun is perfect, the cheese acts as the buttery binding agent, the pork rib meat is super tender and juicy,  but it’s the sauce that makes it. This isn’t any old hot sauce… it’s the perfect marriage between BBQ sauce and buffalo sauce. It’s something I’ve never had anywhere else, but now having tasted it- can’t live without. The sandwich is seen here on a platter, accompanied by gooey mac and cheese, and string beans that seem canned, but I love anyway. To conclude, I don’t know much about the Amish, but they certainly know how to put together a yummy sandwich.

Think you know where I found this booty?

Spot on, Ann! This could only be The Rib Stand!
The Rib Stand is in the North West corner of Reading Terminal Market, which is at 51 North 12th Street. Obviously, there’s a lot of competition in Reading Terminal for great food, but this lil guy is really a gem. If you’re in the mood for a great sandwich, and haven’t tried this one yet, give it a go.  You won’t be disappointed.  And even if the line looks crazy long, don’t fret. The staff have plating down to a science, and will move you along pretty quickly.

5 thoughts on “I’d Be Shark Bait for Me Rib Sandwich!

  1. This HAS to be The Rib Stand!! It is the most amazing thing I’ve ever eaten – I can’t go a week without having at least one!

  2. omg i want this, and i miss reading terminal terribly.

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  4. This is by far one of my favorite sandwiches in the city!

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