No Friend or Foe Shall Keep Me from this Foie Gras Burger!


Okay, but sometimes it really just is about the biggest, baddest burger, AM I RIGHT? But to call this just a burger almost seems sacrilegious. It’s a total-body experience. I have somewhat recently become a lover of burgers. I constantly crave 500 degrees, and get Sketch almost weekly. But this burger. Is just. The. Best. Burger. I. Can. Ever. Imagine. Existing. In. The. World. I had been looking forward to trying it, and was nervous that it would be a publicity stunt- like a $100 cheesesteak, or some nonsense like that. I worried that the ingredients were picked to make it “The Greatest Burger of All-Time™”, and not picked because they would make an incredible dish. Boy, oh BOY was I wrong. Lets go back to these ingredients… Every single component of this burger was perfectly executed, and worked in perfect harmony together. Absolutely nothing was superfluous. The toasted sesame bun is the first thing to hit your tongue. It’s fluffy and light, and has the necessary sponginess for such a juicy burger. Next comes the fresh lettuce and impossibly ripe tomato. Then comes the thickest, crispiest applewood bacon I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet. The bacon is topped with maple bourbon glazed cipollini onions that are out of this world. They’re so delicious and sweet and just melt in your mouth. Plopped on top of the onions is a perfectly cooked, thick, juicy, medium rare patty. Mmm… then comes the really creamy, stinky, amazing blue cheese. Then the end-all-be-all of ingredients, the foie gras. The foie threw me off for a moment, because I was expecting it to be the star of the dish. In reality, it’s the more talented supporting character that totally makes the show. The foie gras adds this buttery richness to the entire burger, that could never be obtained with any other ingredient. I could eat this burger once a week, every week, for the rest of my life. Knowing that Philadelphia’s sweetheart created it, how could I have doubted even for a minute?

Think you know where I found this booty?

Oh, but of course, Christopher! What could it be but a Whiskey King at Village Whiskey?!
Village Whiskey is located at 118 South 20th Street. Obviously, if decadent burgers are your thing, you NEED to go there and try this. It’s one of a kind. While I was there, I also happened upon an Irish Car Bomb milkshake that was so incredibly rich and delicious. Yes, I’m probably still working this meal off, but it was worth it. Jose’s got mad skillz.

6 thoughts on “No Friend or Foe Shall Keep Me from this Foie Gras Burger!

  1. Whiskey King at Village Whiskey?

  2. Garces’ Village Whiskey!!

  3. It’s a Whiskey King from Village Whiskey. And OMG the Duck Fat Fries

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