I’ll Give Ye All Me Dubloons for this Bacon Grease Popcorn!


Yes. You heard that right- bacon grease popcorn. Freshly popped bacon grease popcorn, with Cajun seasoning. It was really something special. When I told a friend that I was going to this remodeled Old City haunt, he recommended that I get it. “But only if you have a bunch of people eating with you. If you split the bag between two people, you WILL feel bad about yourself.” Well, I didn’t think I had anything to worry about. Food usually makes me feel awesome. And how decadent could popcorn really be, right? Wrong. Very wrong. The bag comes to your table piping hot, with the grease stains already forming. When you take a bite, it’s not so much a bacon flavor that hits you, but an earthy, smoky richness. And the Cajun seasoning is the only way to complement it. The spice and the heat is exactly what you want with the bacon grease. With each bite you take, it’s a tiny little burst of hot, buttery, spiced goodness. Outrageously decadent and so, so wonderful. Okay, and so maybe I felt a teensy bit bad about myself after I ate this, but it was worth it. And I’d do it again.

Think you know where I found this booty?

Ah yes! Jason and Daniella have it! I got this incredible popcorn at the Khyber Pass Pub.
The Khyber is located at 56 South 2nd Street. Before the renovation, I seriously saw a death metal concert here. (Don’t ask.) I would have never guessed that they would reconfigure the space to be such a nice, cozy dining area with such awesome food. (Or where adorable couples are having their first kisses.) In addition to the bacon grease popcorn, I would also recommend any of the po’ boys. I got the oyster version, and it was better than any I had in New Orleans. They also have surprisingly wonderful bbq pulled pork and brisket. I think this has become my new favorite spot.

7 thoughts on “I’ll Give Ye All Me Dubloons for this Bacon Grease Popcorn!

  1. Why would you even tell me about something like this when I live so far away from it??? I’m so Sad Panda now.

  2. Most definitely the Khyber Pass Pub ( I think that’s the name in this latest reincarnation)

  3. Awww I like this post extra extra extra- this is where Alex and I had our first kiss :o)

  4. Oh man! I could go for 10 lbs of this right now!

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  6. Khyber’s cousin– the Royal Tavern has amazing popcorn, too. Truffle oil and parmesan. It will set you free.

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