Me Thinks This Pork Belly Sandwich be Good Enough for a GUEST POST!


Ahoy! Guest post on the horizon! Taking the December reins is Chris from the awesome blog- This is a Hot Jam. It’s a smorgasbord of street art snapshots, Tastykake reviews, inventive recipes, and brainy book write-ups. (You probably don’t have to guess that the Tastykake reviews are my favorites.) He’s come here to give my readers a little 411 on pork belly sammies, and maybe you’ll even a little something about the mating habits of pigs…Take it away, Chris!


Travelling the high seas is an extremely risky venture. Besides the obvious dangers–rough waters, a fierce squall, mutinies, krakens, scurvy, falling off the edge of the world, the drunken first mate who keeps crawling into your bunk to, er, mate–seafarers also had to worry about running out of food. One solution to this problem was to seed islands with mating pairs of pigs. Sailors would drop off a few animals as they passed and the swine–much like the aforementioned drunken first mate–would immediately get down to business. By the time the shipped passed the island again on its return voyage, there would be a plentiful supply of delicious pork to feast upon. Of course, even a landlubber like me can appreciate some succulent, fatty pork. This sandwich is made with smoked & crispy pork belly, cole slaw and pickled green tomato. Its damn near perfect and I can say without hesitation that its my favorite sandwich of all time.

Think you know where Chris found this booty?

Yes! Vinny got it! This is the P.S.T. (pork belly, slaw and tomatoes, I’m assuming) at Percy Street Barbecue.
Percy Street is located at 900 South Street. I actually went to have this sandwich after Chris told me he was planning on using it for his guest post, so I can also assure you that it’s delicious. It was my favorite dish of the night. I remember the mac and cheese also being very good, but unfortunately, I’ve only been there once. You’ll need to hit up Chris for more suggestion. He’s an old pro.

3 thoughts on “Me Thinks This Pork Belly Sandwich be Good Enough for a GUEST POST!

  1. Yarr!!!


  2. Resurrection Ale House??

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