Board the Man of War, and Don’t Forget Me Shaking Beef!

Last week, me Vietnamese Bestie took me out for some authentic Viet food in Bella Vista. I was planning on getting my tried-and true favorite- pho, but after stepping into the restaurant and seeing all of the delicious food laid upon fellow diner’s tables, that all flew out the window. I made a  game time decision to trust my Bestie’s pro status, and let her pick everything. And the food that came out… my god. Normally, I write about dishes that I’ve already had at least once before. See, I’m a lazy food blogger, and don’t like taking pictures of everything I’m going to eat before I eat it. (My dining companions aren’t big fans of it either.) So I usually go to a restaurant with a known favorite dish in mind, and take pictures of only that item. But since my posts have had a definite lack of Vietnamese cuisine, I took pictures of everything that came out in hopes that there would be a stand-out. (Thanks for being so patient, Bestie!)  And honestly, after I tried each new dish, I thought, “This is what I’ll be writing about.” It was all just. SO. GOOD. And the crème de la crème just happened to be last to arrive. It’s me Bestie’s favorite dish, and now I know why. In Vietnamese it’s called Bo Luc Lac- I guess Shaking Beef is its rap name. It’s super tender, kind of sweet, kind of salty, intensely flavorful cubes of beef served on a bed of fresh watercress and unfortunately out of season tomatoes. And you see that little dish of sauce? Mmm. I think it’s just a little lemon juice, and tons of salt and cracked black pepper. It basically just heightens all the flavors of the dish. It’s shockingly good. The delicate marinated beef with the crunchy freshness of the watercress, topped with the flavor explosion sauce. YUM. I would eat this everyday.

Think you know where I found this booty?

Yes! This was a tough one, but Vinny and Joycelin got it! I got this awesome shaking beef at Nam Phuong.
Nam Phuong is located at 1100 Washington Avenue. Like I said, I loved everything here. The food comes out in the blink of an eye, and it’s cheap, and it’s easy to find parking. Check, check, check, check.

3 thoughts on “Board the Man of War, and Don’t Forget Me Shaking Beef!

  1. Nam Phuong?

  2. I am 99% sure that bo luc lac is from Nam Phuong!

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