About Meeee


I’m a twenty-something lass trying to eat my way through Philadelphia, one bite at a time.

Some people obsess about their jobs. Others, their material possessions. Me, I obsess about chocolate cake. And butter poached lobster. My passion is seeking out the hidden gems of our city’s eateries- the food items that are amazing, but might not get much respect. You know, maybe it’s a burger place, but their mac and cheese is incredible. Or maybe it’s a deli that has great corned beef, but their breakfast sandwiches are out of this world. I wanted to start a blog that incorporates these shining stars into a fun little treasure hunt. Thus, with the help of my First Mate, and a few great friends, Yum Marks the Spot sets sail.

I would love to hear from you. Please feel free to email me at melissa@yummarksthespot.com or follow me @yummarksthespot on Twitter

3 thoughts on “About Meeee

  1. Melissa,
    This is great! I am thoroughly impressed. Too bad that I don’t live anywhere near Philly! Grandma sent me the link and I know how proud she is of you!!!!

  2. JESUS this new website layout is beautiful!

  3. Thanks for the shout out on the besties list! :)

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